UPDATED 9/13/2019

EDINBURGH, Ind. — Roofing contractors are working with a Shelby County family that came home to a bizarre discovery — a missing roof.

As reported by ABC affiliate WRTV, Kevin and Shellie Giles returned home on Tuesday after a camping trip with their two teenagers. When they pulled up to their house, they found the roof of their home was in ruins.

“We came around the corner up the driveway and saw the roof had been all torn apart,” Kevin told WRTV. “I really didn’t know what to think.”

At first, the couple suspected it might be an act of vandalism. However, after speaking with neighbors, they discovered that five men had arrived in a white van and a gold four-door sedan earlier that morning and were seen working on the roof. According to NBC affiliate WTHR, at one point a neighbor saw one of the men speaking on the phone and told the others to get down from the roof.

"There was no note, no contact number and we just came home and saw there was no roof," Kevin said.

WRTV reports that their story caught the attention of Johnson County-based SPG Roofing and Restoration. The roofing contractor reached out to the TV station to offer its services to the Giles family. The crew finished work on the roof on Thursday afternoon. In total, SPG saved the family around $4,000 to $5,000.

"The owner of the company feels blessed in his business, and he wanted to do the right thing and help out the family — obviously they were done wrong," said Dustin Rees, SPG Roofing and Restoration vice president.


After the roller coaster of a week the family has had, they expressed their gratitude for the roofing contractors who came to their rescue.

"I'm amazed by it all. You see this on TV and now it's happening to you. I'm in disbelief," Shellie said. "It's opened my eye that there are good people out there."

The family had planned on reroofing the home themselves and had purchased shingles to begin remodeling. They speculate that, upon seeing the new shingles in front of the house, the roofing crew assumed the home was that day’s assignment. 

It's unknown whether the roofers lack the proper training or if it was a simple miscommunication, but Kevin hopes the people who were responsible will apologize and provide an explanation.

“I understand people make mistakes, but they have to make it right and fix everything,” Kevin said.