FlashCo announced the release of the FlashVent™ Louver Wall Vent for single-ply roofing systems. The Louver Wall Vent is a pre-fabricated, gravity vent designed for venting applications of parapet and other walls located on low slope roofs. The Louver Wall Vent can be fastened between two wall studs, or via the coated metal flange prior to heat welding the pre-attached membrane flange.

The FlashCo Louver Vents are a major time saver for roofing contractors. The vents are made in a controlled, factory environment and can be quickly and easily installed in minutes on the roof, eliminating the need for field fabrication. In addition, the FlashCo Louver Vent removes the need for the caulking, and installs with fewer penetrations thereby eliminating the potential leaks and required maintenance involved with other louver vent options.

"We’ve seen what roofers have to go though in the field trying to construct louver vents and we took all of the issues and solved them with our Louver Vent design,” says FlashCo President, Greg Morrow. “It’s much faster to install and is maintenance free. Plus, we are making these in all of our five factory locations where we stock all the major membrane brands. Given the time and costs that roofers have been using with other methods, the FlashCo Louver Vent is already proving to be a real winner.”

FlashCo’s Louver Vents are made from constructed metal, painted or bonderized, with a thermoplastic metal and membrane front flange to easily integrate with TPO or PVC systems. In addition, the Louver Vents can be fabricated to integrate with EPDM systems. For more information contact Rob Drew, RD Marketing at (707) 542-4596, or visit flashcomfg.com.