THE COLONY, Texas -- Storm Consultants L.L.C. recently held an industry event called “Know Your Bottom Line!”  in The Colony, Texas.

The event was intended to give attendees access to industry experts with the intent of helping them deliver value and help contractors succeed, according to April Hall, president, Storm Consultants and the SRC Summit

Presenters included:

  • Sam Struthers, owner of Crest Exteriors, who talked about how he tracks his numbers. 
  • Anthony Delmedico, who sponsored and also presented, Know Thy Profit Margins, Down to a Box of Nails. His estimating software shows contractors how to set their margins, bid the jobs correctly and puts stops in place of where they need to be to maintain a certain net profit. 
  • Steve Patrick, who presented on smart estimates. He showed the audience how to increase their profits by using smart estimates.
  • Chad Horsham of Horsham Financial Group, who showed contractors a way to save for retirement. He also showed tax diversification concepts and helped the audience understand the importance of setting up their financial future.

Additional presenters included attorneys who talked about contracts and a commercial panel that addressed working in the space generally.

“It was a great day of learning, networking and fun,” Hall said. “Everyone had great feedback and said the conference delivered a lot of value they could take back and start using right away. I look forward to doing this again soon.”