CARPINTERIA, Calif. —  Procore Technologies Inc. has launched the third annual Procore Safety Qualified program, a course series focused on making jobsites safer when it comes to hazards like silica. 

Courses will become available on Monday, May 6, to coincide with the beginning of Construction Safety Week.

Procore is a provider of cloud-based applications for construction.

In 2018, more than 800 construction industry professionals dedicated over 6,000 hours to safety education through the completion of the Procore Safety Qualified course series. This year there will be three new courses available. The curriculum will include:

  • Silica Exposure in Construction: how to manage silica exposure and create a control plan
  • Confined Spaces: managing, classifying, entering and permitting confined spaces
  • Safety & Technology: how to leverage technology to improve safety on the jobsite

"Procore Safety Qualified is quick, basic, and hits all the main points on the safety topics it covers," said Angel Garcia, corporate safety manager at Williams Co., who completed the 2018 program. "Every topic is useful and interesting."

Procore said it believes safety training should be available to everyone in the field, which is why it’s provided at no cost.

"We believe that safety is of utmost importance within the construction industry," said Darryl Kysar, director of "We want to contribute to furthering understanding of safety hazards by providing continuing education courses to construction professionals at no cost."

Procore encourages all construction teams to enroll in Procore Safety Qualified this year as one way to contribute to making jobsites safer during Construction Safety Week.