SEATTLE — The Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) announced a name change to the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRI Alliance) as it expands its activities in the representation, education, training and legislative roles within the tile roofing industry in the U.S. and Canada.

According to the organization, the new name represents a broader scope of shared knowledge, comradery and advocacy as an association.

For more than 30 years, TRI Alliance has been the primary voice for concrete and clay tile roofing, serving not only as a resource and advocate, but also as a true partner, working closely with members, builders, contractors and legislators as allies to create change.

Rick Olson, president of the TRI Alliance said, “Through our research we have discovered a need to bring further awareness to tile roofing and our organization. Our new name and logo underscores our objectives of taking a more assertive role within the industry to ensure that building codes and installation techniques continue to advance and to work collectively in alliance with our industry partners to promote the benefits of tile roofing in an ever-evolving roofing market.”

A new logo was designed to support the new name and expanded mission of the TRI Alliance. The logo utilizes a roof icon that conveys upward movement as the association drives toward loftier goals within the tile roofing industry, while also invoking the visual representation of a home. The clean and contemporary design of the logo represents the many sleek and modern options that can be found within an evolving design base for both concrete and clay tile roofing. The logo was designed to be utilized in two ways – one being primary seal and the other a supporting mark. The seal reinforces the educational and training mission of the organization.

Along with the new name and new logo, TRI Alliance will be launching a new website. The new site will offer in-depth information of value to architects, designers, homeowners, contractors and builders, detailing expanded design options, sustainability and performance properties of tile roofing.

Olson noted, “The longevity, sustainability and aesthetic variety of tile roofing is beyond compare in the roofing industry, but often overlooked.” Olson continued, “In the wake of a year with record-breaking hurricane and wildfire seasons, our goal is to raise awareness of the performance values of tile roofing, which is naturally fire-resistant, as well as the benefits of advanced installation techniques developed for peak performance during high winds so that more builders and contractors in more areas of the country are able to extend these benefits to more homeowners.”