DALLAS — National Roofing Partners has announced that the Region 4 Education Service Center awarded NRP a contract to provide a wide range of roofing products, services and job-order-contracting.

The agreement is available to thousands of government agencies nationwide through National IPA.

National IPA is a cooperative purchasing organization that serves the public sector. The agreement with NRP features competitively bid pricing and terms that greatly simplify the purchasing process for agencies by satisfying the typical lengthy and complicated bid and contractor qualification process. Options for line item purchasing as well as job-order-contracting are included.

“This comprehensive agreement can transform the traditional procurement process, making it simpler and more cost-efficient for government agencies and educational institutions to acquire roofing products and services,” said Rodney Shrader, president, National Roofing Partners. “Standard pricing and proven quality also eliminate the low-bid is not the best-bid dilemma faced by so many construction contracting professionals.”

“NRP is excited to offer an option to K-12, higher education and municipalities, that is unique in the roofing marketplace with our ability to work with all manufacturers through our local, best-in-class, brick and mortar partners,” states David Adams, vice president of revenue, National Roofing Partners.

The contract is effective March 1, 2019 through Feb. 28, 2021 and may be renewed annually for three additional years. NRP is assembling a team of specialists dedicated to working with National IPA members to meet their roofing needs. Products and services are delivered through NRP’s nationwide network of commercial roofing partner companies.

Though the agreement is not active until March 2019, National IPA members may send questions to david.adams@nationalroofingpartners.com.