TUALATIN, Ore. — Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal has been honored with its first Carlisle SynTec Systems’ Centurion Award. 

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal is a leading specialty roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California,

According to a Carlisle SynTec Systems’ press release, the award is presented to authorized applicator firms for outstanding quality workmanship.  The award is based upon completed roofing systems inspections performed by Carlisle technical representatives who rate each project on a scale of 1-10; 10 being a flawless application.  

The document states: “Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal has attained more than 100 of these perfect ratings.”

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal CEO Mark Carpenter said his company is the largest contractor in the state with Carlisle, which is not an easy task.

“Carlisle has extremely high standards for its applicator partners and it is very particular about the quality of the installations,” Carpenter said.  “The Centurion Award means a lot to our company, particularly given our long history in the industry and working with Carlisle as its largest Oregon roofing contractor.”

Carlisle SynTec Systems, with more than 2,900 authorized applicators, recognizes Centurion Award recipients as a most elite group of roofing contractors.

In addition to the Centurion Award, Columbia recently received the Carlisle SynTec Systems’ 2018 Excellence in Singly-Ply (ESP) award.