MORGAN HILL, Calif. — The Western States Roofing Contractors Association announced Tuesday that Cotney Construction Law has been named legal advisors to members of the organization.

Cotney Construction Law (CCL) is “a progressive law firm dedicated to fighting for the roofing industry throughout the Western States and beyond,” per a blog post on the WSRCA website.

Nationally, CCL is recognized as a one-stop shop for roofers with legal experience in all areas of construction law.

Most CCL attorneys have backgrounds in construction, ranging from work as estimators for structural contractors, roofers, overseas manufacturers of construction products, and supply house distributors.

The firm participates in the construction industry on a policy and educational side, sharing information through events and resources, and uniquely representing the roofing industry as a legal and business partner.

Florida Bar board certified construction lawyer, Trent Cotney, president, established the firm in 2012. Growing up with a family who worked in construction and personal experience in the industry as he made his way through school, Cotney says his focus was on creating a business whose sole purpose was properly serving the customer, and specifically representing the industry side.

To ensure a unique and relevant understanding of the industry, most of the 19 attorneys the firm now employs, along with key staff, come from construction backgrounds.

Cotney was quoted in the blog as saying “When I sit across the table from someone at another firm who does construction law, I know they’re smart, but I also know that there are very few who have had their hands dirty so to speak, actually working in the field.”