SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — When you need to “simply hide ugly stuff on the roof,” RoofScreen Manufacturing says it has you covered.

The company says it works with contractors, architects, and building owners to design and install rooftop screenwalls.

The primary purpose is to shield the rooftop units from view, according to the company.  The structure for the screenwall was created using RoofScreen's patented watertight framing system.

However, the screenwalls also contribute to the overall design and appearance of a structure.

One of its more recent projects also incorporates LED-lighting.

In order for the LED backlighting to provide the desired effect, the company used a perforated aluminum panel. Aluminum is used when perforated panels are needed. Steel panels will ultimately rust at each hole since perforation is subsequent to application of the painted finish leaving an unprotected and un-coated edge.

After dark, the final RoofScreen product fundamentally changes the look of the entire structure as well as the surrounding skyline, according to the company.

RoofScreen Manufacturing 6In another recent project, RoofScreen Manufacturing designed equipment screens to perform the visual function of creating a roofline.

The company says it combined ribbed panels and louvers to create the apparent "roof" as well as much of the visual character of this charter school building in New Jersey.

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