SOPREMA has added a new low-pressure, two-component spray polyurethane foam (SPF) adhesive to its DUOTACK® family of roofing adhesive products. This new product, DUOTACK® SPF, was developed to provide 50 percent more coverage and a faster flow rate than competing products. The result is quick, efficient adhesion of PVC membranes, insulation and coverboards to approved substrates.

DUOTACK SPF has usability in multiple applications without the need for extensive inventory and expensive equipment, like pace carts. DUOTACK SPF is contained in a portable, easy-to-use disposable kit, and tank recycling programs are available locally to eliminate waste. Between the reduced equipment needs and the efficiencies gained from the increased gun flow rates and product yield, DUOTACK SPF offers the market a more time- and cost-effective means of reliably adhering roofing materials.

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