U.S. Silica, a leading provider of silica products to the roofing market, is responding to the increasingly stringent environmental building standards with the introduction of its patented White Armor® cool roof granules. Well-suited for new construction and replacement, White Armor® cool roof granules are specifically designed for use with commercial, municipal and industrial flat and low-sloped modified bitumen roofs and mineral cap sheets.

Specifiers, building owners and facility managers looking to qualify for LEED credits or comply with the environmental standards of ENERGY STAR and the California Energy Code (CEC), Title 24, will benefit from the high reflectivity of the innovative granules. Whiter and brighter than other granules on the market, White Armor® cool roof granules provide reliable long-term performance.

Only White Armor® cool roof granules are white throughout to provide maximum reflectivity that prevents solar radiation from transferring heat into the building, thus meeting LEED requirements for greater than 70 percent reflectivity. An additional benefit is the ability of modified bitumen roofs with cool roof products like White Armor® granules to help reduce Urban Heat Island effect in urban settings (according to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory —heatisland.lbl.gov).

Highly durable, bitumen roofs with White Armor® cool roof granules stand up to weathering and maintenance traffic better than many other cool roof technologies to provide a long and reliable service life.

“Our launch of White Armor® cool roof granules is in direct response to market needs at a time when environmentally responsible products are growing in the building industry. Cool building technologies, such as White Armor®, reduce the urban heat island effect and lower energy costs when compared to traditional roofing products,” said J.P. Blanchard, president of U.S. Silica’s Industrial and Specialty Products division. “There are a number of cool roof technologies already on the market, but none offer the same performance attributes as White Armor® granules. Not only is our solution highly reflective and long-lasting, but modified bitumen roofs and mineral cap sheets are also fast and easy to install. It’s important for specifiers, installers and building owners to know that this long-lasting, easy-to-install and proven-effective option is now available.”

Modified bitumen roofs and mineral cap sheets with White Armor® cool roof granules are available from leading roofing manufacturers in the U.S.

For more information, visit www.coolroofgranules.com.