FiberTite® Roofing Systems recently announced the launch of its new temporary roofing membrane, FiberTite® Blue Roof™.  

Since 1979, FiberTite, a roofing system for commercial facilities, has demonstrated unmatched resistance to puncture, tear, UV rays and chemicals. The FiberTite Blue Roof is a fabric reinforced thermoplastic roof membrane designed for use on flat commercial and industrial roofs to offer a temporary solution for damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made.  The coating on the temporary roof membrane provides UV resistant performance for up to 1 year, and abrasion resistance.  The fabric reinforcement provides both tear and puncture resistance. It is available in rolls, 100” wide x 100’ long. It is ideal for damage caused by disastrous weather events or also for tear-off areas or new construction until the final roof assembly can be installed.  

The temporary membrane can be made watertight by conventional commercial hot-air weld seaming equipment.  Alternate temporary seaming and sealing methods may include the use of FiberTite FTR-101 General Purpose Sealant, waterproofing caulk sealants, or adhesive tapes including Duct-Tape.  FiberTite accessories, such as molded pipe seals and corners, flashing membrane and FiberTite FTR-101 Sealant, can be used to temporarily seal roof penetrations.

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