G-P Gypsum Corp., Atlanta, recently introduced DensDeck DuraGuard™ Roof Board, a substrate for self-adhered systems. An integrated, scientifically formulated, low-perm coating provides a tough substrate not just for self-adhered but for all adhered systems, including hot-mopped asphalt, torch applied, cold mastic as well as fully adhered, single-ply systems and a number of newer fluid-applied systems. By eliminating the need for field-applied primer coats (depending on system manufacturer's requirements), DuraGuard can reduce labor and materials costs and cut VOC emissions. A specially treated, high-density, moisture-resistant gypsum core gives the product excellent fire resistance and wind uplift properties. Its strength and low R-value make it a preferred substrate for adhered vapor retarders. In addition, the board's core has enhanced bonding to its coating, imparting better peel resistance. The fiberglass mats on both sides of the moisture-resistant core add strength and durability to the system. The blue coating on the face and the protective coating on the back encapsulate the fiberglass mats and minimize dust. The board also has been shown to withstand delamination, deterioration, warping and job-site