The new SEBS Roof Coating System from Mule-Hide Products Co. combines high tensile strength, excellent elasticity, ultra-low moisture permeability and resistance to ponding water, making it an ideal choice for use in a wide variety of challenging roof repair and restoration applications.

The solvent-based coating system is designed primarily for use in repairing and restoring metal roofs, but also can be used on TPO, EPDM, asphalt, modified bitumen, Kynar®, concrete, Hypalon and PIB roofing systems.

The SEBS Roof Coating System includes the following products:

  • SEBS Primer;
  • SEBS Base Coat;
  • SEBS Roof Coating (for use on metal, TPO and Hypalon roofing systems);
  • SEBS+ Roof Coating (for use on metal, TPO, Hypalon, EPDM, asphalt, modified bitumen, Kynar®, concrete and PIB roofing systems);
  • SEBS Seam Sealer; and
  • SEBS 1 - Multipurpose Sealant.

Exceptional elasticity enables the coatings to conform to high levels of building movement. Their elongation is nearly 2.5 times that of typical elastomeric acrylic coatings and nearly 3.5 times that of typical silicone coatings.

High tensile strength – more than four times that of typical elastomeric acrylic coatings and more than double that of typical silicone coatings – allows the coatings to withstand significant foot traffic without damage.

The coatings’ solvent base and ultra-low moisture permeability enable them to outperform other coating types in ponding water applications. They will not delaminate if the substrate becomes wet and, unlike water-based coatings, they will not re-emulsify during prolonged exposure to ponding water.

The lack of permeability also helps prevent corrosion of metal substrates and makes the coatings highly resistant to algae and fungi.

Antioxidants and light stabilizers ensure the coating system’s durability throughout the roofing system’s service life.

The coatings can be applied in low temperatures. Cure times are not prolonged by high humidity, and rain will not wash away uncured coating.

Because the SEBS Roof Coating System is solvent-based, it cannot be shipped to areas that regulate the use of products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A broad color palette is offered to suit any application:

  • SEBS Roof Coating is available in White.
  • SEBS+ Roof Coating is offered in nine colors – White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Clay, Sandstone, Medium Bronze, Royal Brown and Bronze.
  • SEBS 1 - Multipurpose Sealant is available in 13 colors – Pure Clear, White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Clay, Sandstone, Wicker/Tan, Medium Bronze, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Bronze, and Aluminum.

SEBS 1 - Multipurpose Sealant is packaged in 10-ounce tubes with premium Euro-style threaded tips. All other products in the system are offered in pails in multiple sizes. 

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