FRANKFORT, Ill. – Ridgeworth Roofing Company completed a 14-acre re-roofing project for Magid Glove and Safety in Romeoville, Ill.  Ridgeworth successfully removed and replaced the 620,000 square feet of roof on the client’s facility while allowing the client’s day-to-day business to continue without disruption.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to demonstrate the skill and expertise of our team on this scale,” said Rod Petrick, owner of Ridgeworth Roofing. “This was our largest project to date, and our team rose to the challenge with outstanding results for a longtime client.”

Magid Glove and Safety hired a roof consultant to manage the large project, for which Ridgeworth Roofing was the low bidder. Harvey Cohen, president of Magid Glove and Safety, had requested a Ridgeworth bid, having been pleased with the company’s work on several previous projects.

“We had good experiences over the last 20 years with [owner] Rod Petrick and the company,” said Cohen. “I was tickled pink that they were the low bidder on the project by a nice amount. It wasn’t even like they were close to everybody else. They were heads and tails better than everybody else.”

The Ridgeworth team removed just under 7.5 million pounds of ballast and repurposed and removed the building’s old roof for recycling. They installed two layers of thermal insulation and a quarter-inch cover board to protect the insulation and increase the thermal efficiency of the new Johns Manville 80 mil TPO roof system. Ridgeworth worked with Johns Manville to create opportunities and long-term solutions that reduced the project cost and lengthened the term of the no-dollar-limit (NDL) warranty provided with the roof. Ridgeworth also worked with Magid Glove and Safety to modify some large HVAC equipment and remove abandoned equipment from the roof.

“Rod and his people are as polite and as nice as anybody you want to work with,” said Cohen. “If anybody ever came to me now going forward and [asked about Ridgeworth], I’d tell them, ‘A-Number-1.’ I’d give [Ridgeworth] the keys to my house and tell them, ‘Take care of things.’”

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