Quantum Smart Solutions Introduces the Smart Chute Economy Series “SC-200-E” to their line of Smart Chute systems. Specifically designed by a “roofer” for “roofers”, the Smart Chute™ is meant to make the demolition process more efficient by sending the debris directly into the dumpster or truck, therefore only handling the materials one-time and eliminating wasted man-hours.

Through continued focus on creating an affordable debris removal solution which provides less physical wear & tear on your crew, safer work environments and limiting customer property damage; Quantum has developed the SC-200-E Smart Chute, which allows commercial and residential contractors to efficiently and safely remove construction debris, therefore maximizing productivity.

The new features and functionality for the SC-200-E Smart Chute include:

•Service up to a 2 - story building & up to 20’ chute length.

•Chute length can adjust from 8’ - 20’ in 1’0” increments.

•Easy to use - sets up in just minutes on any jobsite commercial or residential

•Lightweight - under 125 lbs. at maximum chute length

•Saves you time andlLabor with every use

•Transports and stores as simple as an extension ladder

For more information, visit www.quantum-smart.com.