Quantum Smart Solutions, LLC, announced the debut of their “Smart Chute™” Construction Debris Removal System. The Smart Chute™ is meant to make the demolition process more efficient by sending the debris directly into the dumpster or truck, therefore only handling the materials one-time and eliminating wasted man-hours. The patent pending Smart Chute™ is primarily made up of a lightweight non-rusting aluminum material, which nest into one another for ease of assembly and shipment. The different chute panels will lock into place along the rails during assembly. At the top, the chute is attached to the structure with heavy duty hinges that allow the chute to proceed on a downward angle to either a dumpster or directly into a truck. The Smart Chute™ is offered in three versatile sizes: 2400 Series, 3200 Series, and 4000 Series that come with a 5 year warranty. The Smart Chute™ is also available in custom made lengths and widths.