Tri-Flex® XT is a premium performance synthetic underlayment designed to be mechanically attached in order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional #30 roofing felt, and deliver advanced benefits that will save contractors time and labor. The new membrane also features an improved slip resistance coating that provides superior foot traction and a safe walking surface.

GCP is also proud to introduce Tri-Flex® 15 underlayment, a synthetic alternative to #15 felt. The lightweight Tri-Flex® 15 design makes the product easier and quicker to install than #15 felt, and boasts a 60-day exposure limit. The new exposure limit provides contractors with added flexibility to accommodate unpredictable construction schedules without compromising premium performance. 

“GCP Applied Technologies is excited to be introducing our first roofing underlayment enhancements under our new brand,” said Sonya Santos, director of marketing for GCP’s Residential Building Materials business. “Roofing professionals have always trusted our products, and these enhancements represent GCP’s ongoing commitment to developing innovative products and technologies. We are focused on meeting the ever-changing needs of contractors, and continuing to develop products that provide superior weather protection and improved energy efficiency.”

The Triflex® enhancements join GCP’s existing portfolio of premium roofing underlayments, including Grace Ice & Water Shield®.

“GCP customers have relied on Grace Ice & Water Shield® for nearly 40 years, and we are confident that 40 years from now, products like Tri-Flex® XT and Tri-Flex® 15 will be just as iconic,” said Santos. Grace Ice & Water Shield® is now solely owned by GCP Applied Technologies.  

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