WernerCo, the world leader in ladders and manufacturer of a complete line of climbing products and fall protection equipment, announced the release of an expanded portfolio of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), including the compact retractable Bantam6. Personal SRL devices are the fastest growing product segment in the fall protection industry. The clear benefit of an SRL—in comparison to a lanyard—is the ability to reduce the fall distance by up to 5.5 feet. An SRL is ultimately a better choice because it results in a shorter free fall for the user, therefore decreasing impact and chance of injury.

Baseline SRLs:
•Affordable: Baseline SRLs offer the same safety features as the other lines but at a more affordable cost.
•Meets Safety Standards: Baseline meets Class B safety standard performance testing.
•Easy to Transport: Baseline SRLs are compact and lightweight, making transport to and from the jobsite easy and efficient.

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