WASHINGTON – The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has developed two new videos to inform homeowners, building owners and the roofing industry of the numerous advances in asphalt roofing technology. Advances in residential asphalt roofing systems and advances in low-slope asphalt roofing are now available on ARMA’s website and YouTube page. Both new resources offer an expert look into the developments that make asphalt roofing the beautiful, affordable and reliable technology that it is today.
Roofing manufacturers have continually utilized modern technologies to improve asphalt products and to provide value to the customer. ARMA’s new steep-slope video details advances in shingle design, colors and styles, as well as improvements that have made shingles more resistant to rain, wind and impacts. The low-slope video provides a look at the technologies that make asphalt systems durable, easy to install, environmentally responsible, and weather-resistant. Manufacturing processes, product materials and installation methods have all evolved over time to take advantage of new technology.
“When ARMA celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, we had the unique opportunity to reflect on a century of industry history and advancements,” said Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of ARMA. “We’ve developed these videos to celebrate the more than 100 years of improvements that continue to make asphalt a leading roofing technology.”
For more information, visit asphaltroofing.org.