PEACHTREE CITY, Ga.  – The technological measuring innovation company, Pointivo, that underlies VANTEDGEPOINT’S unique 3D roofing and building envelope services has been honored as a 2016 top innovative company in Georgia.
Pointivo was designated as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia” by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) because of the technological advance and was selected as “Best in Show” at TAG’s Georgia Technology Summit.
MetalForming, Inc. and the National Science Foundation funded the original research at Georgia Tech to develop a digital method for measuring large scale objects by taking videos of them. As the innovative technology was refined and showed its potential for simplifying measurement and 3D modeling in multiple industries, the scientists, entrepreneurs, and MetalForming executives founded Pointivo, Inc. to bring the solution to market and develop the technology for a variety of industries. 
MetalForming secured the exclusive rights to distribute the technology in the roofing and metal manufacturing fields. It formed VANTEDGEPOINT™ as a division of the company to focus specifically on serving the measurement needs of customers in the roofing industry.
VANTEDGEPOINT, through an exclusive product called VideoSurv™, extracts measurement data from videos taken of roof and building profiles to quickly develop 3D visual and pdf reports that facilitate bid development, decrease project costs, hasten turnaround time, improve job safety and provide a permanent digital record for customers.
VideoSurv is a fully Cloud-based 3D Reconstruction Service. Customers never have to worry about buying expensive servers or overwhelming local computer resources, a common complaint with products that some photogrammetry competitors provide.  Plus, this is a Video Scanning service not a photo capture service.  Video capture is simple and assures that all the relevant detail of a scene is captured. There is never a worry about matching and overlapping photos to make sure all angles and dimensions were properly captured. 
The video capture can be done with a smart phone, a video camera like GoPro® or a camera-equipped drone. In another recent advancement bringing still more efficiency (and safety) to the construction business, VANTEDGEPOINT in March announced a strategic partnership with DroneBase to provide the last piece of a completely automated solution for securing “as-built” onsite measurements for the roofing industry throughout North America. 
VANTEDGEPOINT customers now won’t need to worry about shooting their own video or finding someone qualified to do it – or about sending people up on the roof to measure. DroneBase  provides on-demand drone services anywhere in North America and in 25 countries. In less than 1 week, DroneBase collects aerial data for any project. In addition, Drone Base’s unique Flight Planning services support the inclusion of special areas of interest (a smokestack or chimney, for example) to ensure video captures that get the measurement detail that a customer needs. 
The drone video capture is exclusively priced at $330, and the measurement services and reports provided through VANTEDGEPOINT start as low as $100.  What VANTEDGEPOINT delivers, usually in less than 24 hours after receiving the video, is significantly more accurate than providers of satellite reports can promise and more flexible than what you can get from fixed-base laser scanners. VANTEDGEPOINT provides a combination of low cost, high accuracy, and high altitude scanning services that laser scanners cannot claim.
The services are ideal for a roofing consultant doing redesign and reconstruction work on a 100,000 square foot commercial space and you need highly accurate data for 2- and 3D CAD drawings, or a residential roofing contractor looking to increase accuracy and job safety and reduce project costs and turnaround time. Given MetalForming’s commitment to end-to-end solutions, the service is also ideal for a building parts fabricator looking to increase supply chain efficiency by getting as-built measurement data delivered directly to their machines. 
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