Gaco Western's new GacoElastomeric Silicone Roof Coating offers customers a better choice for fixing roof leaks. Because acrylic elastomerics have issues with ponded water and UV degradation, they do not provide a lasting solution. 
GacoElastomeric is the answer customers have been looking for. Not only does it withstand ponded water, it remains flexible over time whereas acrylics become hard and brittle. It has higher solids than acrylics so more coating stays on the roof to provide better coverage and due to the unique chemistry it can be rained on after just 2 hours and won't wash off the roof.
Jason Loftus, Gaco's National Accounts Distribution Manager, is thrilled with this new release: 
"With GacoElastomeric, hardware stores, paint stores, lumberyards, roofing supply houses and other retailers are now able to provide their customers the right solution for fixing their leaking roofs. Customers only need one convenient 2-gallon pail of GacoElastomeric to cover 100 sq. ft. whereas they would need 5 gallons of most acrylic elastomerics. Plus, it's easy to apply on almost any clean, dry roof surface and most projects can be completed in a single day."
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