PORTLAND, Ore. – Malarkey Roofing Products® recently announced its GreenCircle Certified, LLC Waste Diversion from Landfill certification of Malarkey manufacturing facilities and congratulated employees on new safety milestones. 
GreenCircle provides third-party certification of sustainability claims through a rigorous scientific evaluation based on internationally recognized standards and guidelines. All three of the Malarkey asphalt roofing facilities achieved the Waste Diversion from Landfill certification, demonstrating responsible management of end-of-life materials. 
“We are thrilled to certify Malarkey Roofing Products for their outstanding achievements in Waste Diversion,” said Certification and Operations Manager at GreenCircle Certified, LLC, Anne Bevan. “Through a combination of innovative ideas, employee engagement, and a commitment to the environment, Malarkey has successfully made a huge reduction in its impact.”
In the GreenCircle certification process, diversion and reduction can be achieved through a combination of approved methods. Malarkey utilized the methods of source reduction, recycling, energy recovery, and reuse of materials to achieve waste diversion from landfill thresholds. The evaluated Malarkey facilities achieved diversion rates of 90 percent or greater as follows:
•  Portland, Oregon – 94 percent waste diversion
•  South Gate, California – 92 percent waste diversion
•  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – 90 percent waste diversion
The Portland location has a fiberglass mat facility on site, which was not included in this analysis in order to achieve a more direct comparison to other facilities in the industry. Malarkey plans to pursue separate certification for the mat facility at a later date.
According to President Jim Fagan, Malarkey has taken great strides in both environmental and safety standards, with plans to pursue additional environmental certifications in the future. That direction is reflected with Malarkey Environmental Health and Safety Officer for the Portland facility, Mike Tuel, who looks to continue evolving facilities to set the standard for roofing manufacturing operations. 
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