DALLAS, TEXAS -- Dallas-based Diversity Resources Group (DRG) has launched a minority-controlled roofing alternative to companies across the nation. DRG is poised to leverage its network of over 180 contractors to deliver roof repair, replacement, and ongoing maintenance services to customers across the United States and Canada.

“This really is a historic day,” said DRG CEO Wayne T. Lawrence. “There has never been a minority-controlled roofing business offering the combined geographical reach and scope of services that DRG delivers. It will prove to be a truly unique and effective roofing resource for companies across the country.” 

In addition to offering roof repair, replacement and maintenance services, DRG is poised to help customers save time and money through delivering state-of-the-art technology that informs customers about impending storms, often times before local authorities.

“Our re-purposed military grade weather monitoring technology will allow property owners to take action before a storm hits, which would minimize both damage to their buildings and lower safety risks to people on the ground,” said Chris Zazo, DRG’s Vice President of Sales and Roof Technology Services.

As a result of DRG’s unique model, clients can also expect reduced waiting periods to address their various roofing needs.

“What’s most exciting about this endeavor is the 24/7/365 responsiveness DRG can provide through our solid network of qualified contractors across the country,” said DRG’s Vice President of Operations Bert Nunez. “Customers will have access to premier contractors who can respond quickly to their needs, be it a roof repair, full roof replacement, or general maintenance.”

Visit www.DiversityRoofing.com for more information.