SOPRASMART® Laminated Boards combine the SOPRALENE SBS-modified bitumen membrane and cover board into one installation layer, resulting in application consistency and complete adhesion. This design allows installers to gain valuable time on the jobsite, in turn reducing labor cost and increasing overall job efficiency. This patented technology is the first and only of its kind and is available exclusively through SOPREMA. The patented SOPRASMART is manufactured in a controlled setting, utilizing precision heat welding equipment to laminate the SBS-modified bitumen coating of the base ply to the desired cover board. The bonding technology eliminates the risk of delamination or wrinkling, creating a perfect bond every time. SOPRASMART is produced with membrane overlaps using patented DUO-SELVEDGE technology which seals the overlap and protects the assembly from open flame intrusion when torch welding. For more information, visit