BRAMPTON, Ontario — IKO ShieldBase™ 180 Laminated Cover Board provides a lightweight, durable 2-in-1 composite layer cover board solution offering versatility and easy installation for commercial roofing applications.

ShieldBase 180 is a composite of ½"-high compressive IKOTherm™ CoverShield™ polyiso insulation that is factory laminated to a 180-gram polyester reinforced SBS modified bitumen base sheet.

The CoverShield layer of the product features a rigid, lightweight foam insulation with high thermal properties, which offers outstanding insulation protection and an R-value of 2.5.

“ShieldBase 180 is a lightweight cover board product that helps to reduce the dead weight load of the roofing system — while still providing reinforced system durability for commercial re-cover projects,” said Akif Amin, VP, commercial division, IKO North America. “Plus, we’ve engineered the cover board to include specific properties such as self-adhering edges for quick and easy application of the roofing system’s base layer.”

Easy Installation, Versatile Application
The dual selvage, self-adhering edges of the product allow for easy joining of the base to the adjacent ShieldBase 180 boards.

It can be applied as a mechanically fastened system, offering a fastening pattern of 18" on-centre to reduce material and labour. Additionally, ShieldBase 180 Cover Board may be adhered with IKO MillenniumTM Adhesive or fully adhered with hot asphalt.

Commercial Systems and Accessories
IKO provides a full suite of asphalt low slope roofing systems and accessories, including built-up roofing (BUR), cold applied, heat welded, self adhered and more. In addition, IKO offers building envelope and bridge deck and waterproofing membrane systems and accessories, along with wall insulation and air/vapour barrier systems.

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