McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal has introduced an efficient method for installing standing seam metal roofing directly over asphalt shingles without a tear-off. The system is designed around the new patent-pending 138T Shingle Recover Clip paired with the company’s 138T symmetrical standing seam panel. There are several challenges to overcome when installing a metal roof directly over shingles with no underlayment. The main issues are clip alignment and abrasion on the underside of panels. The key to McElroy’s system is the patent-pending clip, as one clip is long enough to sit on two shingles, aligning the clip into the plane of the roof. The clips also have eight holes so the installer can align the fasteners through the ends of the shingle tabs, and they’ll work on dimensional or architectural shingled roofs. Combine this ¾-inch airspace with vented eave and ridge material, and the result is a total uninterrupted air flow between the two roofs. Known as above-sheathing ventilation, or ASV, this idea uses airspace to help reduce heat transfer. For more information, visit