DENVER — Lifetime’s award-winning Designing Spaces show profiled the transformation of a Florida family’s house into a solar home thanks to RGS Energy.

RGS Energy’s solar shingle product, POWERHOUSE™ 3.0, is being featured in a new episode of the home improvement television show. The episode aired on Dec. 4 and will re-air on Dec. 27 at 7:30 a.m. in both Eastern and Pacific time zones. The episode is also available for viewing on the Designing Spaces website.

Viewers are introduced to the Ortiz family, environmentally-conscious Floridians who are concerned about climate change and want to be less reliant on utility companies. Following a hailstorm, they began researching what options were available for a new roof that included solar.

“The goal is to not have a bill and possibly get a check from the power company,” said George Ortiz in his interview during the POWERHOUSE installation. “That’s the whole net metering aspect of it; if we produce more, we can make a buck. We take but we also give back to the grid, so everyone wins.”

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, a solar roof allows the Ortiz family to endure the damage caused by severe weather, whether it is power outages or having access to potable water.

The POWERHOUSE solar shingles system was designed to blend in with the appearance of asphalt roofs, making the solar array less conspicuous and more aesthetically pleasing than more traditional racked solar panel systems.

“We enjoyed working with the team at Designing Spaces to not only educate homeowners of the benefits of going solar, but make them aware they no longer have to settle for subpar aesthetics,” said RGS Energy CEO Dennis Lacey in a written statement. “We believe that through enhanced nationwide brand awareness such as this, we will continue to grow the demand for our next generation POWERHOUSE solar shingle product.”

RGS Energy is expected to battle for market share with Tesla in the solar roof market, with the electric car company recently releasing Version 3 of its Solarglass roof.

At the beginning of 2019, RGS Energy announced it accepted its first customer purchase order for its solar shingle system. At the end of March, RGS Energy revealed that it was focusing its business on the POWERHOUSE in-roof shingle market.