PARSIPPANY, N.J. — GAF has announced that its Tuscaloosa, Ala., facility is its second asphalt shingle plant in North America to achieve Waste Diversion from Landfill certification. Conducted by GreenCircle Certified LLC, this certification demonstrates the dedication GAF has to the responsible management of end-of-life materials.

The company has pioneered several initiatives to increase operational efficiency, reduce waste and divert material from landfill. Partnering with recyclers and like-minded organizations, GAF has not only developed unique ways to reuse waste material internally, but has also identified alternative uses for previously landfilled waste. Utilizing these progressive waste-management practices, along with innovative recycling initiatives, GAF achieved an impressive waste diversion rate of 94 percent at its Tuscaloosa facility.

“As Waste Diversion from Landfill emerges as a critical sustainable performance measure, forward-thinking companies are finding innovative material management solutions,” said Tad Radzinski, certification officer at GreenCircle. “With its second plant receiving GreenCircle certification, GAF is not only leading the way in waste diversion, but it’s also ensuring accountability and transparency in its sustainability claims.”

Continued growth in the green building market is prompting emphasis on sustainability for building product suppliers like GAF. Third-party certification of sustainability claims adds a level of integrity for manufacturers, which is key to establishing credibility and gaining consumer confidence. “Sustainability and transparency are cornerstones of our business strategy at GAF,” said Gregg Baran, director of specialty manufacturing at GAF. “GreenCircle certification verifies our claims and helps us showcase our waste leadership in a way that resonates with our customers and employees.”

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