FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. — Arrowhead Building Supply Inc. has announced that it will be opening a new shingle collection and recycling facility at its new Fairview Heights, Ill., location, on April 1. This venture is in conjunction with Arrowhead’s partner, Hansen’s RAS.

“This is a next step in evolution,” said Chief Management Officer Rick Pogue. “By combining Arrowhead’s amazing distribution locations with a full-service shingle recycling plant, we truly complete the ‘circle of life’ regarding asphalt shingles.”

Customers can already visit Arrowhead’s 7,000-square-foot showroom, make selections for new roofing and dispose of old shingles in the shingle recycling bins. Now, the shingle waste material will be weighed, sorted and ground on site to be reused in new road pavement. Arrowhead will welcome waste shingles from any contractor seeking shingle disposal, while also providing major incentives to buy new roofing materials. The new facility will also include wood and green waste collection and processing.

Arrowhead believes this to be the model of the future for the roofing industry, and eliminating waste will be a top priority for the company going forward.

 For more information, email at rickp@arrowheadbuildingsupply.com or visit www.arrowheadbuildingsupply.com.