Kemper SystemKemper System America Inc. Kemperol Reflect 2K FR

 Kemper System America Inc. has introduced Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR — a cold, liquid-applied reinforced cool roofing system that can improve building energy efficiency. The bright white surface is designed to reflect sunlight and dramatically reduce the impact of infrared (IR) rays that can tax building cooling systems. The easy-to-apply, fully reinforced membrane is applied the same way as Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent- and odor-free system, but the new liquid waterproofing pours out white and dries to a bright white finish. As no topcoat is necessary, labor costs and installation time can potentially be reduced. The new cool roof resin membrane system consists of 70 percent rapidly renewable resources, is fire rated for Class A assemblies, and is odor free and low VOC. For more information, visit