WASHINGTON — PIMA has announced that four accredited testing labs have been approved for use by participating polyiso insulation manufacturers in its QualityMarkCM program, the only third-party program for the certification of the thermal value of polyiso roof insulation. The accredited testing labs include Architectural Testing, Exova, R&D Services and QAI Laboratories.

“The integrity of this third-party certification program, which has been overseen since its inception by Factory Mutual, is maintained by the quality assurance obtained through the use of these well-respected labs, which all have International Accreditation Service accreditation,” said Jared O. Blum, president of PIMA. “Exova, R&D Services, QAI Laboratories and Architectural Testing are all members of national and international accreditation bodies.”

The PIMA QualityMarkcertification program is a voluntary program that allows polyiso manufacturers to obtain independent, third-party certification for the Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) values of their polyiso insulation products. Polyiso is the only insulation to be certified by this unique program for its LTTR value. The program was developed by PIMA and is administered by FM Global. 

To participate in PIMA’s QualityMark certification program, a Class 1 roof is suggested to have a design R-value of 5.7 per inch. PIMA member manufacturers will publish updated R-values for their polyiso products later this year. Polyiso is unique in that the R-value increases with the thickness of the foam, so three inches of polyiso has a higher R-value per inch than two inches.

 For more information, visit www.polyiso.org.