FiberTiteFiberTite Fleeceback Roofing System

The FiberTite Fleeceback Roofing System is now available with CR-20 Polyurethane Foam Adhesive designed for superior adhesion, improved aesthetics, lower VOCs and a faster installation. According to the company, this FM-approved system provides lasting protection even under the stresses of high UV exposure, and extreme high and low temperatures. The adhesive is applied in a spatter pattern, eliminating the need for expensive foam spray equipment. A three-man crew can apply CR-20 up to three times faster and more efficiently than with rollers. A crucial part of the FiberTite Fleece Back Roofing System, CR-20 provides durable and versatile adhesion to insulation, DensDeck®, Securock®, structural concrete and smooth-surface built-up roofs. For more information, visit