Getting insight on what customers are thinking helps people in any business. That’s why Roofing Contractor has conducted surveys of residential homeowners and commercial building owners over the years. Our most recent homeowners survey will be the subject of a free webinar on Dec. 4 titled “What Are Homeowners Really Thinking?”

We invite you to join us for the live event, where I will recap some of the findings and IKO’s John DeRosa will share his insights on the lessons contractors can take away from the data.

One key takeaway: Workmanship was rated by homeowners as one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a contractor; 94 percent of survey respondents stated that ensuring a high-quality job was an important or very important item. The contractor who got the job explained the importance of quality workmanship and their plans for ensuring a high-quality installation for 92 percent of the homeowners in the survey. Of the contractors who did not get the job, only 60 percent of them shared this information with the homeowner.

The lesson: Just because something might seem obvious to a roofing expert doesn’t mean it is obvious to homeowners, who might be buying roof for the first time in their lives. For more insights from the survey, register for the webinar by clicking here.

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