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IRWIN Tools has announced the expansion of its existing drilling portfolio with products intended to improve durability, ease of use and speed, enabling tradesmen to do more with their tools. The increased offerings include WeldTec Self-Feed Bits, SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits and Flexible and Straight Shank Installer Bits and Accessories.This expansion rounds out IRWIN’s suite of tools for wood, metal and masonry drilling. The WeldTec Self-Feed Bits feature an innovative cutting edge that offers improved performance and two times the life of standard self-feed bits. The new welded edge is designed for superior cutting in tough materials. The SPEEDBOR Max Speed Long Length Bits deliver the same performance and reliability as existing SPEEDBOR Max Speed Bits, but their extended reach and the addition of a flute hole for wire pulling provides tradesmen with additional options to get their jobs done. IRWIN’s addition of wood, metal and masonry flexible and straight shank installers round out a complete range of drilling offerings. For more information, visit