W.R. MEADOWSW.R. MEADOWS polyurethane sealant

 W. R. MEADOWS’ POURTHANE SL is an elastic, one-component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant specifically developed to be used as a multi-purpose horizontal joint sealant. It is a moisture-cure sealant with excellent adhesive properties and resistance to aging and weathering. It is used to seal horizontal expansion joints in concrete and cementitious slabs, such as sidewalks, balconies, pavement, terraces, warehouses, factories, civil structures, plazas, runways and pitch pans. POURTHANE SL is one component and does not require mixing, is self-leveling and has a movement capacity of +/-25 percent. It offers accelerated curing, is jet-fuel resistant, permanently elastic and highly durable. For more information, visit www.wrmeadows.com.