KEMPEROL® Roofpatch is a ready-to-use patch kit from Kemper System America Inc. that uses advanced waterproofing technology to quickly and reliably stop leaks and cover cracks and damaged areas. Ideal for emergency repairs, the versatile, all-in-one system saves time and can give contractors greater flexibility in scheduling.

The kit comes in a flat aluminum pouch that includes rubber gloves and a reinforcement fleece pre-saturated in a single-component, solvent-free and odor-free KEMPEROL 1K-SF waterproofing resin. The reinforced membrane is pre-cut to approximately 10 by 18 inches so a single patch can handle most repairs. Patches can also be overlapped to cover larger areas. (See the KEMPEROL Roofpatch demo video on Kemper System's YouTube channel.) The multi-purpose patch adheres tightly without a primer to bitumen sheets, PVC roofing sheets, concrete, wood and metal. The resin is rainfast in 60 minutes and can be walked on after 12 hours.

“Time and scheduling factors are a major advantage, and that’s why so many contractors tell us they really love this product,” said Gino Soroker, brand and business development manager for Kemper System America. “Contractors can stock Roofpatch kits right on their trucks, so they don’t have to run back and forth for tools and supplies. Everything’s in the pouch, and the patch applies in minutes so they can usually get right back on the road and on to the next job.”

The versatile Roofpatch can address many other situations as well, Soroker said. “When a contractor gets a call about a leak, they may find out when they are actually on the roof for an inspection that it needs more extensive repairs or to be fully replaced. But the contractor might not be able to get to that right away because of the weather, or more likely because they’re just backed up with other work. So in those cases, they can use the Roofpatch kit to make the immediate repair and then come back later when they’re ready to do the larger job.”

Kemper System has been a global leader in cold, liquid-applied, reinforced roofing and waterproofing technology for more than 50 years, having invented the technology and holding the first patents. Membrane systems include a liquid resin and a reinforcement fleece which are normally applied in separate steps. With the new Roofpatch, the reinforcement fleece is pre-saturated with the liquid, so the durable membrane patch is ready as soon as the pouch is open and can be applied in a single step.

Today, Kemper System is also a leader in solvent-free and odor-free liquid-membrane systems and provides long-term, built-to-last solutions for: plazas, green roofs, new roofs assemblies, existing roof recovery, metal roofs, balconies and terraces, historic restoration, gutterways, interior and industrial applications, and below-grade waterproofing.

The KEMPEROL Roofpatch Kit is available nationwide through select distributors of building products and an online store that can be accessed at

 To learn more or to find a distributor near you, contact Kemper System America at, or call 1-800-541-5455.