Cochran Exteriors leverages cutting-edge technology to service more customers, streamline their work, and deliver the highest standards of service before,casse27 during and after every roofing project. They’ve chosen Roof Measurement Reports from Pictometry as their solution for:

• Delivering market-leading proposals that help separate them from the competition.

• Keeping teams in the field connected to operations back at the office with a single source for precise job measurements and high-resolution property photos.

• Meeting the challenges of storm season with fast access to accurate measurements while keeping the Cochran Exterior’s team off of dangerous, damaged rooftops.

• Growing the business year-over-year thanks to more efficient project cycles that allow for working with more customers.


A Company With Growth in Their Sights

In 2009, Ross and John Cochran took a good look at the roofing industry. “We set as a goal to bring professionalism, customer service and satisfaction back to the roofing industry.” stated Ross Cochran. Today, the company has three locations throughout Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri. Six months into the life of their business, Cochran Exteriors began using Pictometry Roof Measurement Reports to assist in estimating, as well as the preparation of proposals and deliverables that are required for any roof restoration project.

Increasing Customer Service and Company Profitability

Getting the job done efficiently is key, and delays due to requested roof reports being backlogged isn’t an option, as this information is critical for project planning. When there are several competing bids, cutting through the clutter to set themselves apart from other roofing companies is a must. Cochran Exteriors relies heavily on technology to hurdle the challenges of the industry. “That’s been our push from day one. We bring as much technology to the table as possible.” Not only does it assist in better explaining the project to their customers, but also puts them at ease that Cochran Exteriors has the processes and capabilities in place to meet and exceed their needs as a trusted and reliable contractor.

Pictometry Roof Measurement Reports are included in every proposal they present to potential customers. “It provides professionalism and credibility when we’ve got all the measurements as a visual to a potential client,” Cochran said. Customers see Pictometry’s unique, high-resolution aerial oblique photographs of the property captured from several angles, coupled with professional diagrams of the roof – all serving as valuable tools for explaining aspects of the job to each customer. When a customer accepts a bid, Cochran Exteriors can then use the Roof Report to accurately order materials for the project.

“We’ve used a lot of different companies for roof reports. We really liked Pictometry’s,” Cochran said. Prior to using Pictometry, Cochran had experienced delays lasting up to 20 days for requested reports, but now finds delays are resolved by using Pictometry. “It has really allowed us to grow,” he observed.

 Cochran Exteriors equates 6 percent yearly growth to the efficiencies and differentiation gained from utilizing Pictometry Roof Measurement Reports. They’ve become an irreplaceable asset to their business, and the right choice to give them a competitive edge. For more information, call 888-644-2393 or visit