ErgodyneErgodyne Flame-Resistant Apparel

 Ergodyne has announced the expansion of its CORE Performance Work Wear® Line to include flame resistant (FR) apparel. A revolutionary launch of seven garments, the new FR apparel offers dual-hazard solutions in both flash fire and electrical arc flash applications. Using industry-leading fabrics, CORE Performance Work Wear FR ensures compliance, comfort and style with Tencate's Tecasafe® Plus as well as PyroSafe by Antex® fabrics. Each model meets the FR performance requirement of ASTM F1506, and all mid/outer layers are UL certified to NFPA 2112. The base layers offer HRC 1 classification according to the NFPA 70E standard, while the mid and outer layers are classified as HRC 2. These garments also offer moisture wicking capabilities as well as storage pockets in the mid and outer layers. For more information, visit