SNUGTOP offers several styles of truck caps and tonneau covers for recreational and commercial applications. The newest addition, the Outback, combines rugged durability through advanced composite construction with contemporary styling. It accommodates up to 500 pounds and features two Suburban-style, full-length rear doors for easy access and loading — a first in the truck cap industry. It also features STRATTEC Security Corporation’s BOLT advanced lock technology as a standard feature. Drivers insert their ignition key into the lock cylinder and rotate the key once, which activates the spring-loaded plate tumblers to immediately code the lock to that unique key. When the key is removed, the cylinder moves into the locked position and will rotate to the unlocked position only when that key is inserted.  BOLT technology, which offers durability and corrosion resistance in any climate, enables multiple locks to be configured to a single key. For more information, visit or