Last month I discussed how RoofPoint has emerged as a benchmark for high-performance roofing projects. Similar to the LEED designation for green buildings, RoofPoint is a system that documents and verifies the best in sustainable roofing projects across North America. This month I am pleased to announce an important addition to the RoofPoint program that extends RoofPoint certification to the industry professionals who design, install and manage these high-performance roofs. This new certification is the RoofPoint Registered Professional, or RRP.

The mission of the RRP program is to develop an industry-wide group of professionals who have demonstrated competency in the application of RoofPoint to evaluate roofing projects to be submitted for RoofPoint certification. After meeting eligibility requirements and successfully passing the RoofPoint Professional Examination, RRPs may evaluate and score roofing projects in accordance with the credit requirements of the RoofPoint Guideline and offer suggestions on how to meet or exceed any of the RoofPoint credits. In consideration of their achievement, RRPs will be recognized in a public database at the RoofPoint website and will receive discounts and expedited processing for the submission of RoofPoint projects. Representatives of this select group also will be involved in the ongoing development and support of the RoofPoint program.

Recognizing that roofing covers many different professional occupations, the RRP program is open to any roofing professional involved in the selection, design, installation, maintenance and/or management of roofing assets. Eligible occupations include building designer, roof consultant, roofing contractor, facility manager, manufacturer representative and many other roofing-related occupations. Individuals with five years of roofing-related work experience or three years of experience and a post-secondary degree may submit an application to the RRP program. After review and approval, applicants become eligible to take the online RoofPoint Professional Exam. Upon passing the exam, applicants are notified of their RRP status and are provided a certificate and additional program materials. The initial certification period is three years, with renewal every three years contingent on meeting practice and continuing education requirements.

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As of Feb. 1, 2014 more than two dozen roofing professionals have been certified as RRPs. Many of these RRPs participated in a pilot program we conducted this past year to validate the application and exam process, and without their help the RRP program would not have been possible. And in support of our original mission, the inaugural class of RRPs contains a diverse and balanced mix of designers, contractors and other key roofing industry personnel.

To learn more about the RoofPoint Registered Professional program, go to the RoofPoint website, select the “Become a Roofpoint Professional” tab, and download a copy of the RoofPoint Professional Program Manual. The program manual includes detailed eligibility requirements, an application form and a sample examination to help you get started. You can also prepare for the exam by downloading a copy of the RoofPoint Guideline at the site and by viewing several RoofPoint webcasts archived at the website on the “Events – Past Webinars” page.

Because this new certification is destined to become a premium designation in the roofing industry, I would encourage you to find out more about the RRP program and consider applying to take the RRP Exam.  And because the success of RoofPoint is driven by hundreds of roofing professionals just like you, thanks in advance for helping us to continue raising the bar for the best in roofing practice.