When I started this column last January, I introduced a new sustainable roof rating program called RoofPoint. Developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing and supported by an initial grant from the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, the primary mission of RoofPoint was to gain more visibility and recognition for the high-quality roofs our industry delivers on a daily basis across North America — roofs that save energy, extend service life and make buildings better and safer for the people who live and work in them.

Our initial goal for the RoofPoint program was modest: at least 100 RoofPoint certified projects in 2012. But because of the enthusiasm of many top-notch roofing contractors who pitched in to submit RoofPoint projects, we more than doubled our goal. If you go to the RoofPoint website, you can now look up the details for over 200 sustainable roofs installed by over 100 roofing contractors across North America. You’ll find roofs over private and public buildings of every size and function installed in almost every state in the country as well as Canada and Mexico. You’ll also see every major roof system type, from asphalt to single-ply to metal and spray foam. And finally, you’ll see roofing projects with great stories to tell: new ways to save and produce energy, advances in recycling and re-use of roofing materials, innovative ways to save and use water resources, and — most importantly — time-proven ways to extend the useful service life of roofs.

The outstanding stories these 200-plus RoofPoint roofs tell will go a long way to raise the visibility of our industry and make roofing a critical part of sustainable building design and management. Because of the contribution of so many roofing contractors across North America, the Center is now in a position to make the RoofPoint program even more visible and valuable in the future. By exceeding our initial goals, we can continue to expand programs to support RoofPoint, including a new certification program for roofing professionals to roofing to provide them personal recognition as sustainable roofing practitioners along with the RoofPoint roofs they manage and install. And given the high level of credibility RoofPoint has achieved initially, we can move ahead next year to continue to transform RoofPoint into a national standard suitable for inclusion in building and purchasing standards.

 So, thanks to the many roofing contractors who helped us launch RoofPoint. Stay tuned as we move RoofPoint to the next level of achievement, and all the best for 2013!