Shingle-Over Vent • Air Vent Inc.

The Edge Vent is a shingle-over, roof-top installed intake vent that keeps the roofer on the roof controlling the project. The vent has a patented internal baffle and drainage system along with internal weather filter to provide three levels of weather protection. The Edge Vent can be installed on roofs with or without overhangs and be placed up the roof with open-soffit construction. As part of The Balanced System® for optimum attic ventilation, it provides 9 square inches of net-free area per linear foot. It also passed a stringent 30-day ice dam test. For more information, call 800-AIR-VENT or visit


Cleanable Soffit Vent • Max Flo Vent

Attic exhaust components like ridge vents, turbines and power vents all have one thing in common: they need intake air to properly function. The soffit vent works to give the proper intake for the exhaust component. Over time the traditional, properly functioning soffit vent becomes clogged with debris and dirt. Until now there has been no way to service the vent after it becomes clogged. The Max Flo Vent is a proudly made-in-the-USA steel vent with a removable, cleanable, perforated aluminum screen. Install Max Flo Vents on your customers’ homes and have proper intake ventilation for a lifetime. For more information, call 817-274-6777 or visit


Ridge Vent for Tile Roofs • TRA Snow and Sun

TRA Snow and Sun’s RidgeRiser® and TileVent enable a very simple roof concept that allows air to vent out at the ridge of a tile roof. The patented RidgeRiser opens up the sheathing at the ridge. It is made of galvanized steel and requires nothing but nails and a two-by-two to create the ideal solution at the ridge. The flexible ridge vent, made of full aluminum or copper, conforms and adheres to the profile of the tile providing 10 square inches of net-free airflow per running foot. ICC Approval #ESR-1787. For more information, call 800-606-8980 or visit


Intake Vent • Owens Corning

The VentSure® InFlow® Vent is a versatile intake vent for soffit-less, open soffit and traditional roofs, providing up to 10 square inches of NFVA per lineal foot. The VentSure InFlow Vent’s innovative design helps protect against wind-driven rain and offers a clean, smooth profile that blends with the roof’s aesthetics. This product is available in 4-foot sections and can be installed at the eave or mid-roof. As part of the Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System, VentSure intake and exhaust products are designed to work together to deliver the quality and performance your customers expect. For more information, visit


Under-Shingle Vent • DCI Products

SmartVent is a tapered, under-shingle ventilation product designed for installation under any shingle course to provide continuous ventilation where it’s needed. It allows cool air to flow through a 1-inch roof decking slit providing more than adequate ventilation wherever it’s installed. Mostly used for intake ventilation for homes with little or no soffit overhang, SmartVent’s uses don’t stop there. SmartVent has been field tested since 1999, is Miami Dade County Hurricane and New England Ice Dam Approved, and is listed with the International Code Council (ESR-2484). For more information, visit


Ridge Vent  • Benjamin Obdyke

Shark VentXLP provides serious ventilation (NFA 12) and installs quickly and easily. The lightweight roll and shrink-wrapped packaging makes it easy to carry up to the roof. Shark Vent is made of flexible yet durable plastic so it lays flat and installs with a nail gun. The internal and external baffle design allows for airflow but blocks out weather. Shark Vent is also available with a filter (XTRA) to provide additional peace of mind in high wind-driven rain and snow areas. Made in the USA and available nationally and in Canada. For more information, call 800-523-5261 or visit


Commercial Ventilation System • Atlas Roofing

The Techni-Flo Engineered Ventilation System by Atlas Roofing can be used for both standing seam and shingled steep-slope commercial roofs. It allows consistent intake and exhaust airflow and has three components: Techni-Flo EV (eave vent), ACFoam® CrossVent® and Techni-Flo RV (ridge vent). The RV component has been tested to hold more than five times the average load in most snow regions. The Atlas ACFoam CrossVent (and its radiant barrier counterpart, CrossVent RB) combines a nailable polyiso surface, insulation and ventilating airspace all in one panel. The EV unit provides a prescribed roof ventilation capacity. For more information, visit


Weather-Resistant Roof Vent • Duraflo

With the WeatherPRO® Series there’s no need to worry about foul weather. The unique baffle system within the WeatherPRO Series wards off driving snow and blistering rain. It uses internal baffling and a patent-pending moisture control system to stop weather from entering the home. Cold impact and UV resistant, the PRO 75 ventilates 75 square inches of protected airflow, regardless of the climate. For more information, call 1-888-461-5307 or visit


Curb-Mount Roof Vent • Ross Manufacturing

Ross Manufacturing announces its newest innovation in ventilation: The Ross® 150CM Roof Vent. This innovative design can be used in commercial or residential applications where a curb is provided. The Ross 150CM utilizes a fabricated “curb” to easily install over a building curb. It has passed the TDI E330 Wind Uplift test and has passed the stringent Miami-Dade County TAS 100 (A) 110 mph wind and water test. The 150CM is also Class 4 hail resistant (UL 2218), so it will not dent or rust like a metal vent, and it is a green product. For more information, visit


Ridge Vent Systems • Cor-A-Vent Inc.

Cor-A-Vent® is the one solution for all your ridge vent applications. With more than 30 years of job-proven experience and a simple, straightforward design, Cor-A-Vent is the vent of choice by quality builders nationwide. The company now offers the new Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent. For more information, call 800-837-8368, or visit or


Natural Ventilator • The Bilco Company

 Firelight is a glazed, natural ventilator that can be installed in a glass atrium or directly onto the roof of a building. The dual-purpose ventilator provides both day-to-day and smoke ventilation and is available with several options for automated climate control. Colt ventilation products provide highly energy-efficient solutions to maintain comfortable internal climates, and to control smoke in an emergency situation with extremely low operating and maintenance costs. The Bilco Company has recently partnered with Colt Group as a distributor of ventilation products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. For more information, call 800-366-6530 or visit