SencoSenco Framing Nailer

Senco has introduced its new FramePRO 325XP 3¼-inch pneumatic paper tape framing nailer. Weighing 7.9 pounds and measuring less than 12 inches tall, it is the most compact framing nailer in the category. The low-profile design makes it easy to maneuver between wall studs and floor joists. An ergonomic, over-molded comfort grip dampens recoil and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. Delivering 780 inch-pounds of impact energy at 100 PSI, the FramePRO drives 34-degree offset round head and clipped-head paper tape fasteners ranging from 2 to 3¼ inches long into any substrate, including engineered lumber. With its durable external aluminum housing and internal metal components, the FramePRO is built to handle the rugged demands of framing, sheathing, truss building, sub-flooring and deck building in any climate. The FramePRO 325XP is available at Lowe’s and through professional distributors including STAFDA, dealer co-ops, lumberyards and online retailers. For more information, visit