RED WING, Minn. Capital Safety has createda 30-minute video to introduce viewers to the basics of fall protection and industry safety requirements. Broken down into 11 concise chapters, the Thinking About Fall Protection video highlights the fundamentals of fall protection — what employers and workers need to know to maximize safety at height.

The video is featured on Capital Safety’s website. Viewers can watch each segment individually or as an entire sequence, and they can also download, share and reference the instructional material as needed. The video addresses a range of fall protection basics, including the components of a personal fall arrest system, how to calculate fall clearance, methods to reduce the risk of falls and proper equipment inspection procedures.

“Fall protection as a whole is a complex topic, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Our goal was to break it down into smaller, more easily digestible pieces,” said Nate Damro, vice president of global marketing at Capital Safety. “Of course, this video is no substitution for a comprehensive training program, but we hope it gets people talking and thinking about what they need to stay safe at height.”

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