Kemper SystemKemper System Waterproofing Kit

The new KEMPEROL® Flash Pack from Kemper System America is a versatile, high-performance, seamless and self-terminating waterproofing kit for protecting or repairing small areas. It is an easy-to-use solution for waterproofing and repairing leaks in roofing and flashings, where most roof leaks occur. The Flash Pack may be used to form watertight flashings at joints, parapets, walls, pipes and other penetrations. The kit includes detailed instructions, rollers, gloves and all the tools and materials necessary to cover, re-flash or repair up to about 25 square feet.  It features the odor-free KEMPEROL 2K-PUR cold liquid-applied reinforced membrane system. The liquid resins come in their own easy mixing bags to reduce mixing time. The Flash Pack is available with a choice of either the KEMPEROL R or KEMPERTEC® EP Primer. For more information, visit