MAX USAMAX USA Concrete/Steel Pinner

MAX USA Corp. has introduced the MAX GS732C Cordless Concrete/Steel Pinner. This is a cordless, pin-fastening tool powered by a liquid-gas fuel cell.  It weighs only 7.9 pounds, yet has the greatest power output at 105 Joules. The MAX GS732 has a pivot-swing trigger with 50- to 70-percent lower pull-load than other models.  It reduces worker’s fatigue especially in reaching-out or over-head applications, which leads to higher productivity.  It also has user-friendly features like dial-adjustable depth control, a removable pin magazine with one-click lever, and a slim nose with enough clearance for deep track. The product comes with a plastic carrying case, JC610M battery charger, 1 JP606H battery and safety glasses. For more information, visit