ATLANTA — Atlas Roofing Corp. is taking its well-known EnergyShield® polyiso wall insulation product line to the next level with new offerings. EnergyShield® PRO and EnergyShield® PRO2 are now available from Atlas Wall CI Board.

“With the continued attention given to long-term thermal performance in commercial structures, continuous insulation (CI) for exterior walls is becoming the specified norm in most North American climate zones,” stated Alec Minné, LEED green associate and director of sales and marketing, Wall CI Board Division for Atlas Roofing. “Even before it becomes a requirement, Atlas plans to be out in front helping demonstrate the efficiency of polyiso in wall applications and the versatility of continuous insulation.”

EnergyShield PRO is a Class A fire-rated, closed-cell polyiso foam core laminated between Class A durable aluminum facers. EnergyShield PRO is ASTM C1289 Type I Class 1, combining rigid insulation board, high R-value and water-resistive barrier attributes with an acrylic-coated front facer and reflective facer on back.

EnergyShield PRO2 is a Class A fire rated ASTM C1289 Type I, Class 2 board, which adds a glass reinforced polyiso foam core to the features of EnergyShield PRO.

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