Pinnacle Pristine

Features and Benefits: Pinnacle® Pristine built with HP Technology is oversized. Fewer shingles mean faster installation and less labor. The 6-inch exposure makes for easier measurements and installation. Pinnacle Pristine features a true 1¼" wide nailing area. The Sweet Spot gives roofers the best chance of ensuring both layers of shingles are accurately and securely fastened. In addition, Pinnacle Pristine’s Sweet Spot includes two FASTAC® sealant lines that adhere quickly and ensure a strong, long-lasting seal. HP Technology even provides Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles with a 130 mph rated high-wind warranty while still following a standard four-nail application. That’s a third less nails required for every roof. And Pinnacle Pristine shingles come standard with Scotchgard™ Protector to defend against algae streaks and help retain original color.

Dimensions: 393/8" x 14"; 6" exposure

Where Available: Northeast, Southeast, South Central

Number of Colors Available: 13

Warranty Information: Lifetime* Limited Warranty against algae growth; Lifetime Limited Warranty; 130 mph Limited Wind Warranty; 15-Year Wind Warranty Length



Carriage House

Features and Benefits: This super-heavyweight shingle offers premium performance and the pride and prestige of scalloped slate that is a perfect solution for a steeply pitched roof. Carriage House™ is built on CertainTeed’s patented design using two full-size base shingles, resulting in four full layers of shingle protection when applied. Moreover, this one-piece construction offers the applicator greater ease of installation. Most importantly, its tough fiber glass composition makes Carriage House a durable, long-lasting shingle. It is designed to resist blow off in high wind conditions up to 110 mph with normal installation and up to 130 mph with special installation. These shingles are most aesthetically appealing when used on slopes of 9 inches per foot or greater. Carriage House shingles are algae resistant and help protect against staining or discoloration caused by algae.

Dimensions (overall): 18" x 36"

Where Available: United States and Canada

Number of Colors Available: 8 (Availability varies by region.)

Warranty Information: Lifetime, limited transferable warranty; 10-year SureStart™ warranty (100 percent replacement and labor costs due to manufacturing defects); 15-year StreakFighter™ warranty against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae; 15-year, 110-mph wind-resistance warranty; wind warranty upgrade is available up to 130 mph. Specified CertainTeed starter and CertainTeed hip and ridge are required.



Timberline American Harvest

Features and Benefits: Timberline® American Harvest® Shingles from GAF are designed to complement a home’s exterior color scheme. The American Harvest Collection gives the modern, architectural style at an affordable price. The new color palette features subtle blends with contrasting colors to give any roof unexpected depth and beauty. But it’s more than just a great-looking shingle. Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a Timberline® roof with Advanced Protection® Technology can offer. Benefits include a custom-designed color palette, an extra-dimensional look, practical value, the highest safety rating and high-performance protection.

Dimensions: 131⁄4" x 393/8" with 55/8" exposure

Where Available: North America

Number of Colors Available: Seven

Warranty Information: Lifetime limited transferable warranty with Smart Choice® Protection (non-prorated material and installation labor coverage) for the first 10 years. See GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty at for complete coverage and restrictions.




Royal Estate

Features and Benefits: When your home is a showcase for luxury and comfort, IKO’s Royal Estate Premium laminated shingles provide years of distinction and durability — at a value to you. Each shingle boasts a range of subtle color variations that evoke the look of true slate. Available in four colors: Shadow Slate, Harvest Slate, Mountain Slate and Taupe Slate. Coverage per bundle is 25 square feet.

Dimensions: 40" x 131/4" with 55/8" exposure.

Where Available: North America

Number of Colors Available: 4

Warranty Information: Limited Lifetime; 1-year IKO Clad Protection; Limited High Wind Warranty 130 mph. See limited warranty for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and application requirements.




Legacy and Legacy


Features and Benefits: The Legacy® provides a durable barrier against extreme weather, receiving the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance classification, the highest rating possible. In a Class 4 rating test, the Legacy withstood a simulation of hailstones impacting a roof at 90 mph (144 kph) without sustaining damage. Malarkey’s Legacy shingle is manufactured with a double line of defense in the critical area for a laminated shingle, with double SEBS asphalt rain seal protection. Malarkey’s SEBS asphalt adhesive is superior to oxidized asphalt because of its cohesive and adhesive properties. The SEBS asphalt has elongation capabilities of up to 800 percent, making it flexible down to zero degrees.

Dimensions: 13¼" (± 1/8") x 40" (± 1/4") (.33 m x 1.02 m)

Where Available: Portland, Ore. and South Gate, Calif.

Number of Colors Available: 11

Warranty Information: 50-year Limited Material Warranty; 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty; Featuring 12-year Right Start™ Warranty; Your Choice™ Warranty Program; Legacy® shingles featuring Scotchgard™ are equipped with a 20-year Algae Resistant Roofing System warranty from 3M.


Owens Corning

TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection

Features and Benefits: Bright. Bold. Brilliant. TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors Collection Shingles use the power of vibrant color to help coordinate exterior accents like paint, trim and landscaping, while helping to improve the home’s aesthetics and perceived value. TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection Shingles also deliver durability to match their beauty, with patented SureNail® Technology providing excellent adhesive power and the strength of Triple Layer Protection®. SureNail® Technology U.S. Patent 7,836,654 and other patents pending.

Dimensions: Nominal Size: 131/4" x 393/8"

Where Available: Nationally

Number of Colors Available: 7

Warranty Information: Limited Lifetime Warranty*/**, 130 mph Wind Resistance Limited Warranty*

*See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements.

**40-Year Limited Warranty on commercial projects.


PABCO Roofing Products


Features and Benefits: Cascade™ manufactured by PABCO Roofing Products features an unmistakable diamond shape that is recognized by U.S. Patent No. D589, 172 S. Cascade is a unique roof option for homes designed in classic architectural styles and homes in historic neighborhoods. All four traditional colors are available with the Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System, which warrants that your roof will remain algae resistant for 20 years. The repeating offset application process allows for a straightforward installation and consistent finished appearance.

Dimensions: Individual shingle dimension is 151/2" x 40"

Where Available: Western United States and British Columbia

Number of Colors Available: 4

Warranty Information: Cascade features up to a Limited Lifetime Warranty for single-family residential structures and 50-year Limited Warranty for all other structures. Wind Warranty is 110 mph for standard application and 130 mph for high-wind application.




Heritage Vintage

Features and Benefits: Heritage® Vintage® shingles are part of TAMKO’s popular Heritage series of laminated asphalt shingles. Vintage shingles’ naturally deep shadow lines portray the dimensional look of real wood shakes and come in five color choices which enable you to personalize the beauty. With Vintage shingles, the durability matches the beauty. Vintage shingles are made with a double-layer fiberglass mat for strength and Class A fire resistance, and are coated on both sides with weathering-grade asphalt and topped with ceramic mineral granules for excellent roofing protection. A self-sealing asphalt strip added on the bottom side of each shingle helps provide added wind resistance and alignment notches provide ease of application.

Dimensions: (Approximate) 40" x 171/2" with 5" exposure

Where Available: All 50 states

Number of Colors Available: 5

 Warranty Information: 50-year Limited Warranty; 20-year Full Start Protection period; 15-year Limited Warranty against damage from winds up to 110 mph; 10-year algae relief — Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty.