When it comes to replacing a roof, there are two main problems to be addressed. The first is to bring the house up to date. This is one of the key improvements that can be accomplished today with asphalt. The styles that are available in architectural shingles provide a textured, dimensional appearance to the roof that immediately calls attention to the house.

In a larger home with a more intricate roofline, this is an important opportunity for the asphalt shingles to be a central factor. Since the roof contains a variety of planes and stunning views visible in all directions, it acts as a showcase for the home’s curb appeal.

The second problem to be solved is one that plagues thousands of North American homes in humid climates: streaks and stains caused by algae. Since algae spreads through airborne activity, it’s even easy for some homes not located in ideal growth conditions to receive algae deposits along with resultant streaks and stains.

One of the most important innovations in roofing shingle manufacturing has been led on a national basis by Atlas® Roofing Corporation. Atlas manufactures a variety of designer, dimensional and traditional three-tab asphalt roofing shingles, suitable for most residential roof application types.

Atlas produces a line of asphalt shingles with a Lifetime Algae Resistance Limited Warranty. Pinnacle® Pristine, StormMaster® Slate and StormMaster® Shake lines of shingles are manufactured with Scotchgard™ Protector built in. These architectural shingles feature a proprietary blend of 3M roofing granules, which are certified for quality and consistency in the blend.

Copper-fortified granules are uniformly distributed across the surface of the shingles because copper inhibits the growth of algae. Independent third-party laboratory tests performed daily ensure optimal and consistent copper content, resulting in an algae-resistant shingle qualified to earn the Scotchgard™ name.

Replacing an old, worn-out roof adds beauty and curb appeal to a home. Installing Atlas shingles and Pro-Cut® Hip and Ridge, both featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, and its Lifetime Algae Resistance Limited Warranty, ensures the shingles will keep their beauty for years to come.

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